Charlie's Portable Applications for Educators as of Jan 10
This is a selection of portable applications that are useful in the academic environment. Portable Applications do not require administrative privileges to install or run. As such, they can provide much improved function on computers that have strong usage restrictions.
I keep my portable application in the my documents area. If you want to start them in the "normal" send the icon to the desktop then drag the icon into quick launch and/or Start => All programs.
AudacityAudacity is a great sound editor. Sound editors are very useful for the creation of pod casts.
CamStudioThis is a free alternative to Camtasia screen capture. It doesn't have as many features but it does the job well. Will record full window or application with tracking. Also records to voice and packages a flash file for web distribution. (Just copy the files to your web area).
DittoDitto is a multi-clipboard manager that allows you to save more than one item in the clipboard. You can also paste out in a variety of formats as needed.
ESBCalcA replacement for the somewhat lame calculator that comes with windows.
FileZillaI like this FTP client. Here are some Instructions on how to use FileZilla to access your network drives off-campus.
FireFoxAn alternative to Internet Explorer. Faster and works better in some cases. See Zotero above.
GimpThis is a full featured picture editor. I recommend Irfanview for lighter projects such as resizing and cropping.
Google DocsGoogle docs provide a reasonably full featured set of office applications. Google docs are useful as you can access and edit your content with web browsers such as Internet Explorer. What really makes Google Docs exciting is their sharing capability. Multiple persons can actually edit documents at the same time. Scrolling issues in word processing documents make simultaneous editing less useful but the ability is extremely useful for spreadsheets where large numbers of people can work develop data collaboratively. The text chat area in Google Spreadsheets makes adds to the utility.
Note: Google Docs are technically a cloud applications in that they run on the Internet through your browser instead of off your local hard drive. As long as you have Internet access, the effect is the same in that you can use Google Docs without installing anything.
IrfanviewView, convert, and edit almost any kind of image. Editing is basic. See Gimp for a more powerful image editor.
JaangleMusic Player. I also like
Micro Egg TimerA count down timer. You can run as many of them as you want.
PDF-XchangePDF-Xchange allows PDF annotation, searching, and tabbed viewing. It also allows you to fill and save Adobe PDF forms, extract text and images, magnify text and export PDF pages or documents to BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG formats.
Rapid Typing TutorLearn to touch type.
SereneSoundMakes environmental sounds. I'm partial to this one as I wrote it.
SkypeSkype lets you exchange text, voice, and video. Text can be any number of users but communication breaks down with larger groups (large as defined by the number of folks who are contributing -- after about five it gets hard to follow). Three way voice is possible and only two way video. Of course you'll need a microphone to send voice and a webcam to send video.
Video DownLoadHelperCapture media including video from web pages. This is also technically not a portable application but it will work with Firefox portable.
Virtual Magnifying ClassThis program allows you to enlarge a portion of your screen. This can be useful in lecture environments where screen objects are to small for students to see.
VLC - Video ViewerPlays almost any kind of media.
WinDirStatSee how your files are organized and what the space hogs are.
WinSCPUse FTP to access your AWC network files off campus. This is our IT departments preferred client.
Zotero Citation ManagerZotero is a bibliographic tracking and insertion system. It handles most common reference formats including APA and MLA and will import for current screens. Zotero is a Firefox add-in and thus not technically a portable application.
Recommended Portable Application Repositories
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This table was created using a free Excel macro written by Charles Balch.