Myths about Homosexuality *

David A. Gershaw, Ph.D.

When any group is perceived as an outgroup, stereotypes and myths develop about that group. Myths (1) cause anxiety for for those who think the myths are true and (2) lead to falsely labeling others as outgroup members. Like myths about any outgroup, myths about homosexuals are not true, or they only apply to a small segment of homosexuals.

With most outgroups, one trait is blown out of proportion,
so we forget that they are basically human beings like us.

Debunking these myths may help you understand that except for their sexual preferences homosexuals are like other people. They deserve the same respect that you would give any other person.

* Adapted from Curtis Byer and Louis Shainberg's Dimensions of Human Sexuality, Brown & Benchmark, 1994, page 386.

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