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Accentuate the Positive (Normalcy means looking at the brighter side of life, whether it is reality or not — 3/14/90)

Self-Actualizers — Making the most of Life (Characteristics of self-actualizers — 6/6/99)

Becoming Self-Actualizers (Steps ordinary individuals can take to start self-actualizing — 6/13/99)

Adolescence — Developing Independence (Why Teens should be allowed more independence — 7/9/90)

What If Your Partner Commits Adultery? (Factors in adultery that help partners to decide whether to maintain the marriage or not — 2/14/99)

How to Age Successfully (How to make the most of elderly years — 4/28/96)

Perceptions of Aging (Mistaken perceptions about the elderly — 3/19/86)

Does Aging Lead to Depression? (Mistaken connection between the elderly and depression — 9/10/90)

Aging and Mental Decline (How aging may or may not lead to dementia — 3/12/95)

The Aging Revolution and Cultural Lag (How our cultural ways of viewing the elderly lags behind changes in their potentials — 3/1/98)

Job Performance and Aging (Elderly people can be just as productive in their occupations, even though they are slowing down — 8/17/98)

Disease-Free Aging (Besides disease processes, aging can be relatively free of disabilities — 1/13/92)

Observing Aggression (How social lerning and modeling influence expression of hostility — 5/7/95)

Children’s Aggression (How children can be shown less violent ways to express their anger — 4/12/98)

Growing Old or Merely Older? (Theories of aging — 11/21/84, Updated 10/27/01)

Geriatric Sex (What you can expect your sex life to be like, when you are 70 or 80 — 10/7/91)

Controlling Aggression (Causes of aggression and some ways to deal with it — 5/14/90)

AIDS and Teenagers (How teenagers can be made less vulnerable to AIDS and other STDs — 5/17/89)

"I Almost Made It!" (Why people are more frustrated when they almost achieve a goal — 5/10/98)

Altruism and the Holiday Spirit (Factors that influence altruism including the holiday spirit — 12/25/85 and 1/1/86, Updated 7/17/02)

Sexy Altruism (Evidence that altruism is not always so selfless — 12/17/87)

Anxiety About Alzheimer’s Disease (Rather than concentrating on what is lost through dementia, it is better to emphasize what remains — 4/11/99)

"The 100% American" (National pride can cause us to forget our roots — 3/5/86, Updated 8/2/02)

Reducing Anxiety (Causes of anxiety and ways to deal with it — 11/5/90)

Aphrodisiacs (How various drugs are mistakenly labeled as aphrodisiacs — 12/13/89 and 12/20/89)

The Fiction of Astrology (Why people believe in astrology — 6/20/99)

Hidden Assumptions (How our frame of reference influences assumptions that we make about the world — 1/1/95)

Attribution Theory — Explaining Behavior (How we attribute various behaviors to persons or situations — 3/20/85, Updated 8/1/02)

Errors in Attributing Behavior (Biases in attributing causes to behavior — 1/17/90)

Errors in Explaining Behavior – Why Psychologists Are So "Liberal" (How attributing causes to behavior leads many people to label psychologists as liberal — 1/17/90)

The Economics of Attraction (How determining costs and benefits effect our relationships — 2/9/92)

The ADHD Student Scam? (How colleges walk the line between real attention deficits and those who are unwilling to study — 10/12/97)

Fear Causes Romance? (General physiological arousal alone can lead to sexual attraction — 4/19/92)

Pseudo-Psychologies — from Palms to Planets (Different "sciences" that falsely try to pass themselves off as psychology — 1/16/85, Updated 7/16/02)

What's So Good About "Barney"? (How television's "Barney" empowers children toward prosocial behavior — 2/26/95)

Ban the Book! (Reasons for censorship and why it is ineffective — 2/11/96)

Birth Order (How being first-born or later-born children effects personality — 3/22/89)

Blaming Others or Yourself (Insight into Rosenzweig's intrapunitive, extropunitive and impunitive responses to frustration — 10/22/95)

Why Donate Blood? (Reasons why people donate blood — 6/14/98)

History of Donating Blood (History and process of donating blood — 2/27/85, updated 11/5/01)

The Human Brain (Locations of general functions of the human brain — 6/20/84, Updated 11/1/01)

Breaking Bad Habits (Effective methods to break bad habits — 11/10/96)

"Bully-Proofing" Your School (Causes of bullyingand some way to deal with it — 10/27/96)

Let the Buyer Beware (How super shopping might lead us to avoid more important personal relationships — 9/24/95)

Reducing Bystander Apathy (What causes bystander apathy and how to reduce it — 2/28/99)

Don't Be A Bystander (Problems that are caused or worsened by bystander inaction — 3/6/94)

Cheating in College (Causes and effects of cheating in college — 9/1/96)

Speak Softly to Preschoolers (How very young children do not perceive commands that way older children do — 4/7/96, Revised 5/18/03)

Enriching Your Child’s Life (How to challenge your children to help them fulfill their potentials — 8/24/98)

You Don’t Need to Sing the Postpartum Blues (A few women become extremely depressed after the birth of their children — 9/28/97)

Parents Promote Eating Patterns (How parents can model eating patterns for their children — 5/4/97)

Coping with Cancer (Methods to increase lifspan and quality of living when a person has cancer — 9/22/96)

"You've Come a Long Way, Baby" (Colorado's U.S. Representative Patricia Schroeder discusses what is need to maintain women's rights — 12/8/96)

Psychology Is More Than "Common Sense" (A comparison of psychology to common sense clichιs — 4/5/98)

Making Sense of Psychology (How to be more critical in evaluating psychological information — 3/6/85, Revised 7/16/02)

Charismatic Leaders (Factors that lead to charismatic and other types of leadership — 11/11/91, Revised 11/3/02)

The Depths of Communication (Causes of unclear communication and a possible remedy — 8/11/96)

Gender Biases in Communication (Gender differences in the way people communicate — 1/9/94)

A Sense of Community (How a sense of community affects crime and vandalism — 10/23/94)

"Why should I use a computer?" (How even word processing makes using a computer worthwhile — 8/14/94, Revised 2/1/03)

"What if I'm Dissatisfied?" (Four diffent ways to respond to persistent dissatisfaction — 9/12/93)

"I just can't stop it!" (Comparing compulsions to impulsive behavior — 7/9/86)

Locus of Control (Characteristics of people who have predominantly external or internal locus of control — 3/15/89)

Who Controls Your Life? (Is you locus of control mainly internal or external? — 10/11/98)

Risk Taking vs. Contraception (How risk taking is related to avoiding the use of contracpetives — 1/21/90)

Creating Credibility (How to get others to believe what you say — 12/10/90)

Crowding (Factors that lead to the discomfort of crowding — 5/16/84, Updated 11/1/01)

Cults and Conversion (What type of people join cults? — 7/19/89)

Cautions on Conversion (How cults convert and how to recognize their dangers — 7/26/89)

You, I and Cults (How any one of us can become victims of a cult — 9/7/97)

Death from a Child's View (How young children understand death — 6/19/95)

Helping Your Children to Deal with Death (How to reduce the stress of a death on your children — 6/26/95)

Children in Disasters (How to help your children to deal with natural disasters — 8/15/93)

Children and Untimely Parental Death (How to help children to deal with the early death of a parent — 2/4/91)

When Someone Dies (Responses of people to the death of others — 7/17/95)

My Death, Your Death (Steps in accepting one's own emminent death — 7/24/95)

Miscarriage (Factors related to miscarriage and how to deal with it emotionally — 10/3/93)

Traps of Widowhood (Problems of widowhood and some help in dealing with them — 11/28/93, Revised 12/23/02)

Letting Go of Life (Problems of accepting the inevitability of death, especially with terminally ill children — 5/11/97)

Baby Organ Donors (Positive and negative views about using anencephalic babies as organ donors for other children — 3/28/93)

Defeating our Decisions (How we handicap ourselves to protect uncertain self-esteem — 7/26/92)

Detecting Deception (The effectiveness of methods of detecting deception — 1/15/86)

Dealing with Depression (Symptoms and some solutions to depression, especially among college students — 3/8/89)

Vicious Cycle of Depression (How depression is related to social skills and the self-fulfilling prophecy — 9/17/95)

Therapy for Depression (Psychotherapy and chemotherapy for depression — 3/4/91)

The Art of Arguing with Yourself (To avoid depression, how to convince yourself that you are not merely a victim — 11/15/98)

Love Is Not Enough (Beside being loved, children need to be guided with effective discipline— 3/21/99)

Guidelines for Discipline (More effective methods for child discipline — 4/4/99)

Parenting — The World's Most Important Job (How to communicate more effectively as a parent — 4/17/85, Updated 12/30/01)

Bonding with Caregivers (Factors in parenting that make children feel more secure — 3/16/97)

Effective Discipline (Styles of child discipline in parenting — 4/17/85, Updated 12/30/01)

"Please, I can do it myself!" (Allowing children and adults with disabilities to fulfill their potentials — 8/31/97)

The Flip Side of Downsizing (Communicating well in downsizing to promote the morale of the remaining workers — 2/8/98)

The Egocentricity Bias (The egocentric view of children is not abandoned in adulthood — 12/6/92)

What Dreams Reveal (Another way to interpret dreams — 11/12/95)

Daydreaming — Land of Make Believe (Positive and negtive aspects of daydreaming — 3/13/85, Updated 12/26/01)

Social Drinker or Alcoholic? (How discriminate between social drinking and the beginning of alcoholism — 12/12/84, updated 11/5/01)

Too Much Holiday Cheer? (The abuse of alcohol and other drugs over the holiday season — 12/6/89)

Roots of Alcoholism (The various factors that contribute to alcoholism — 11/1/89)

Drugs — Medicine vs. Law (The contrasting drug ideologies of medicine and law enforcement — 2/18/91, Revised 10/29/02)

The Nicotine Habit (Methods to break the nicotine habit — 8/22/93)

"Those Crazy Drivers!" (Causes and how we view the aggressive driving of others — 9/15/96)

Elderly Drivers (How can we deal with the hazards of aging drivers? — 10/13/96)

"Will you Still Love Me When I'm Old and Gray?" (Facts about sexuality and sensuality in old age — 11/3/96)

Are Women More Emotional? (How the sexes differ in the way they express various emotions — 9/20/92)

Empathy, A Major Component for Survival (How having empathy helps us to survive — 3/15/98)

English Only (Evaluating the English only movement in the United States — 1/21/91)

Ethics in Teaching (Student views on teacher ethics — 7/27/97)

The Trouble with Tenure (Although tenure helps to guarantee academic freedom in teaching, it has some negative aspects — 2/22/98)

A Spectrum of Ethics (How absolutist and relativist world views influence our perception and attitudes, especially in relation to sexuality — 3/1/92)

Evaluating Media Psychology (Methods of evaluating media psychology, including this article — 3/14/99)

"Going to the Dogs" with Exercise (Suggestions for making exercise safer for you and your dog — 10/17/93)

Resolving to Exercise (Techniques to increase the likelihood that you will stick with your resolutions to exercise — 12/26/93)

Expressing Your View (Examples of how expressing deviant points of view can change the status quo — 4/30/95)

"No Sweat!" (The process of sweating, what it does and how to deal with it — 8/29/93)

Experts Are Human Too (The fallibility of experts and how to deal with it — 9/23/87)

Novice vs. Expert (How metacognition differentiates novice from expert — 9/1/88)

"I saw it with my own eyes!" (Eyewitness perceptions and misperceptions — 7/14/96)

"That isn't fair!" (Three different ways to judge fairness — 6/28/93)

"You gotta have faith!" (Faith as a factor in the placebo effect — 7/25/99)

Female Fear of Success? (Cultural stereotypes cause fear of success, especially with women — 10/29/90)

Facing Fears of Firefighters (What to do about incidence of PTSD in firefighters — 4/2/95)

Fear of Flying (Mere knowledge of what is happening on flights can reduce aerophobia — 1/29/95)

Causes of Cravings (How food cravings and aversions develop — 9/6/92)

The Overweight Society (To combat obesity, a lifestyle change is needed — 1/15/95)

Findings on Forgiving (How inability to forgive effects all parties involved — 3/22/98, Revised 6/25/03)

"Frustrating, isn't it?" (Factors that cause or increase feelings of frustration — 3/23/97)

Dealing with Frustration (Ways in which people can react when they are frustrated — 3/30/97)

Frustration and Revolution (How political revolutions are initiated by a frustration-expectancy gap — 9/9/91)

"What's so funny?" (Some explanations why some things are funny and others are not — 6/29/97)

"Laughter is hazardous for your disease." (How humor and laughter can improve one's health — 10/5/97)

"What are you laughing at?" (More on the social functions of laughter and humor — 5/9/99)

Learning Your Gender Role (How society's expectations influence the ways boys and girls behave — 1/28/88, Revised 8/16/02)

Gender Roles in Our Genes? (Exploring the genetic factors of gender role emphasized by sociobiologists — 5/13/91, Revised 11/1/02)

Your Child's Gender Role (How gender roles are influenced by cultural expectations — 6/7/92)

Gender Differences in Math (How math and science proficiency is influenced by gender roles — 2/25/96)

"Would you really want to know your future?" (Would you want to know what genetic disorders you were likely to have? — 5/2/99)

Two Sides of Deadly Genes (Some genes that are now deadly once had positive functions — 4/8/91, Revised 10/31/02)

In Our Genes (Gender differences as viewed by sociobiologists and evolutionary psychologists — 3/29/98)

Perception of Genius (Misperceptions and stereotypes related to gifted children — 9/5/84, Revised 11/5/01)

Islands of Genius (Discussion of savants, retarded people who excel greatly in one small ability — 8/25/88)

Talk to Someone Who Can Help (When and how to seek psychological help — 3/17/96)

Better to Give Than to Receive (Positive and negative aspects of giving — 6/29/97)

Choosing Between Good and Evil (How human characteristics can be used to positive or negative ends — 1/24/99)

In-Groups and Out-Groups (How even the smallest factors cause us to separate "us" from "them" with the extreme of paranoia — 4/16/95)

"Good" Fat and "Bad" Fat (How Cholesterol and fat effect your health — 4/10/85, Revised 12/26/01)

When Grandparents Become Parents (Different ways grandparents are involed in raising their grandchildren — 3/5/95)

What's Right Is Right (Causes and effects of handedness — 11/23/83, Updated 5/5/01)

The Pursuit of Happiness (Factors that influence how happy we are — 11/19/87)

Should You Have a Child? (Weighing positive and negative aspects of having children — 9/29/96)

"Oh, my aching head!" (Different types of headaches and ways of treating them — 9/21/97)

"What did you say?" (Why hard-of-hearing people find it so hard to adjust — 9/21/97)

Helping and the Holidays (Factors other than seasonal norms that effect helping behavior — 12/19/93)

Getting Others in the Mood to Help (Factors that increase the likelihood of others providing help — 2/23/97)

"I knew it all along!" (How uncertainty becomes so very certain with hindsight bias — 6/29/97)

Holiday Season Pitfalls (Common problems of the holiday season and some ways to avoid them — 12/24/90 & 12/31/90, Revised 11/1/02)

"No Place Like Home" (How young mothers and children have increased in the ranks of the homeless — 8/28/94)

"Hurrah for the Home Team!" (How a high density of cheering fans is usually an advantage in sports — 8/28/94)

Sexism in Household Tasks (How gender influences assignment of children's tasks in the home — 2/12/86)

Hyperactive Children (How ADHD is diagnosed and treated, including erros in diagnosis — 10/29/95)

Supersensitive Hypochondriacs (How people develop hypochondria — 8/30/92)

The Mystery of Hypnosis (What Hypnosis can and cannot do — 11/26/86 and 12/3/86, Revised 8/6/02)

Living Up to Your Ideal (A method to determine if you are living up to your own ideals and meeting your own goals— 8/9/98)

Dealing with Life-Limiting Illness (How to deal with the impending threat of death due to illness — 2/19/95)

Having a Hardy Heart (Inoculating your heart against both physical and mental stresses — 12/13/98)

Silence and Illness (How medical anthropology determines that somatoform disorders are related to unspeakable dilemmas — 12/10/95)

Antecedents of Influence (How the precursors of persuasion are very important — 12/11/94)

More Influence Principles (The factors of scarcity and credibility in persuasion — 12/18/94)

Still More About Persuasion (The influencing factors of consensus, liking, consistency, compliments and the "foot-in-the-door" method — 1/8/95)

The Illusion-Delusion Confusion (Distinguishing clearly between illusion, delusions and hallucinations — 4/24/94)

Incest Taboo (Possible reasons why the incest taboo is almost universal — 9/14/83, Updated 6/20/01)

Accepting Infertility (How accepting infertility is like mourning children that never can be — 11/6/94)

The Insanity Defense (A short history of the insanity defense — 5/28/90)

Dealing with Insomnia (Methods to reduce the effects of insomnia — 6/5/94)

Ten Rules to Avoid Intimacy (Pitfalls in obtaining intimacy — 3/24/88)

An Intimate New Year (Factors that lead to developing and maintaining intimate relationships — 12/28/88)

Barriers to Intimacy (Factors that keep us from developing intimate relationships — 1/4/89)

Intimacy Quotient (Factors that help us to maintain an intimate relationship plus a measuring tool for intimacy — 2/14/93 and 10/24/93, Revised 12/7/02)

Improving IQ (Factors that increase IQ and the effectiveness of related behavior — 2/25/91, Revised 10/29/02)

"Book Smarts" vs. "Street Smarts" (Distinguishing between the relation of IQ to academic and practical intelligence — 12/24/95)

Hot and Cold (Factors that influence our perception and the effects of temperature — 9/6/98)

Tangled in the Net (Why some people become addicted to Internet usage and what can be done about it — 8/25/96)

Knock Before Entering (Nonverbal communication related to control of territories — 4/20/83, Updated 5/6/01)

Sticky Labels (Rosenhan's classic study demonstrates how labeling individuals changes our reactions toward them — 1/7/87)

Surviving a Layoff (Strategies used by those workers who remain after a layoff — 10/15/95)

In the Learning Womb (Facts and fallacies about fetal learning — 1/18/98)

Learned from Living (Lessons a person has learned after living for an extended period — 9/20/98)

Requirements for Learning (Three basic requirements for almost any learning — 10/21/91, Revised 11/2/02)

"Learn for the Gusto!"(From SQ3R to ACE) (Expansion of basic methods of effective learning — 2/16/92, Revised 11/16/02)

Motivating Students to Learn (Qualities of teachers and teaching that motivate students to learn — 8/30/89)

Learning from Mistakes (The difference between a mastery and helpless perspective in building success from previous failure — 2/2/97)

The Lie Detector – Does It Really Work? (Advantages and shortcomings of lie detectors — 4/9/86, Revised 8/5/02)

The Normal Lie (Learning how to lie is part of normal development — 9/27/92)

Live Long and Prosper (Steps people can take to live longer, healthier lives — 10/22/90)

Looking-Glass Self (Effects of self image influenced by actions of others — 5/18/83, Revised 5/6/01)

Have You Ever Been Lonely? (What causes loneliness and how to reduce it — 8/4/96)

Alone During the Holidays? (More about loneliness — 12/31/86, Revised 8/7/02)

Love Triangles (Three main factors in Sternberg's Triangular theory of love — 2/11/91, Revised 10/28/02)

The Many Faces of Love (More on Sternberg's Triangular theory of love — 12/20/98)

"Hooray for Love!" (Romantic love has a place in ancient history — 5/15/94)

Advertising for Love (How single people try to find partners through various communication media — 5/12/96, Revised 5/19/03)

Lots to Learn about Lupus (Understanding more about the autoimmune disorder of Lupus — 11/8/98)

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