AWC Engineering Program




The rapid pace of scientific discoveries and technological developments requires continuous attention to oneís educational qualifications and professional experience. Engineers, in general, have an added responsibility to conceptualize, develop and implement solutions to improve the quality of life through responsible, methodical and creative problem solving.


Engineers will be broadly-educated, ethical global citizens providing leadership in engineering, business and public service. They will be creative, possess strong analytical skills, exhibit practical ingenuity, be good communicators, understand the principles of business, management and leadership, display high ethical standards and strong sense of professionalism, and be dynamic, agile, resilient, flexible, and lifelong learners.




AWC Engineering Program provides opportunities and encourages potential students to complete their Associate in Science Degree in Engineering and to participate in Internship projects jointly supported by industrial community and various business and public organizations.


The Program will enable students to demonstrate that they possess basic knowledge in engineering as well as competency in communication, critical thinking, quantitative analysis, and technological applications.


Such analytical skills and professionalism will prepare them either for transfer to a university for a Bachelorís degree or for gainful employment by industrial community and various business and public organizations.


The Program:


The curriculum provides for a thorough understanding of :

  • Mathematics, starting with calculus, to emphasize concepts and principles rather than computation;

  • Basic Science to acquire fundamental knowledge about natural phenomena;

  • Humanities and Social Sciences to create awareness about social responsibilities;

  • Engineering Sciences to motivate creative application of mathematics and basic sciences in engineering practice;

  • Engineering Design to establish a decision-making process; and

    Engineering specialty courses

The sequence of mathematics and physics courses is critical in the whole program, and determines the minimum time required to complete Associate in Science - Engineering degree.


The curriculum completed at AWC can be transferred to universities as >= 2 semesters of 8-semester Bachelor's in Engineering Program


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