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Scott Donnelly

Professor of Chemistry

Arizona Western College



Phone:  928.344.7590

Fax:  928.344.7730

Office:  AS-128 (AWC campus map)



Professional Work Experience:

Arizona Western College (AWC), Professor of Chemistry, 1995-present

Northern Arizona University-Yuma (NAU-Yuma), Adjunct Faculty

Director, Center for Teaching Effectiveness (CTE), August 2012-May 2015


Courses Taught at AWC:

General Chemistry 1 & 2              Organic Chemistry 1 & 2              Environmental Science


Courses Taught at NAU-Yuma:

ENV 385 Energy Resources & Policy



Professional Development



Recent Grants

Sabbatical Project*


*: One example of numerous math/science videos created for grades 5-7 teachers.


What's That Stuff?

Periodic Table

Critter Chemistry!

How Stuff Works



Click here to download the presentation (in .pptx format, animations active, size = 35MB) given at the 212th 2YC3 conference at Piedmont Virginia Community College, Nov. 2015.